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As an eclectic artist, I always try to find opposing elements that I can bring together to express my interests and beliefs. In photography I use framing and concepts that allow me to capture the emotion of the scene, visually displaying them for others to connect with, while also strengthening my observational skills.

For my illustrations, I was able to put focus more on the elements that make up our world. This helped me to really understand the fundamentals that make up everything, helping me to develop character and story ideas, and adapt them into my other projects.

When it comes to animation, I bring together the emotional and framing elements from photography, and construct the elements using what I learned in illustration. Philosophy and science also play a large influence in the films I have created, injecting my personal influences and experiences to create messages that depict who I am as an artist.

Mark Shapiro_Final


Mark graduated Onondaga Community College in 2010 for Graphic Arts. He then went on to study at Suny Oswego University, earning his BFA in Graphic Design, minoring in Photography.

While there he studied a range of different art styles and mediums, including animation, illustration, and photography. Studying digital illustration, Mark co creating a comic book series called Awake, producing the first book and fully developing its universe.

Animation quickly became his primary focus as a career, training in both 2D and 3D. Studying animation also lead to creating films using special effects; blending CGI and Cinematography, to creating films composed of animation and live action.


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